We can now offer an upgrade of powder coating on all TransporterHaus spindles.  Get in touch if you want this service.
VW Brazil Disc Spindles Back in Stock!!

After months and months of being unavailable with have limited sets of 112 PCD VW Brazil King and Link Pin Spindles back in stock.

Core exchange or outright.  Very limited supply available here

VW Brazil King Pin spindles back in stock
VW Brazil King Pin spindles back in stock

64-67 Split Bus Spindle Nut Upgrade

A very useful upgrade to your 64-67 split bus spindles and a good way to stop you spindles getting ruined.  The most common problem we see on 64-67 split bus spindles is where the bearing has been spinning due to be incorrectly tightened.  A spinning bearing eventually welds itself to the spindle and snaps in the worst case.  In the best case it's unrepairable so upgrade now!

Replaces the 27mm nuts and 1 use locking tab so no more locking tabs to replace every time you remove the drum. 

£25 per pair, Left & Right threaded for each spindle.

1955-1967 Split Bus Straight Axle Conversion Kit

A Straight Axle conversion on your Split Bus replaces the old reduction boxes and changes yourgearbox to a swing axle Beetle or Type 3 type.  Gives you better motorway cruising, better fuel consumption, lowers the rear end upto 4". 


Splitscreen Bus Straight axle kit.

All new parts.  Kit includes:

1 pair of adjustable spring plates,

1 pair of axle tubes,

1 pair of brake cable tubes,

1 pair of bearing covers.


TransporterHaus Straight Axle kit
Transporterhaus Straight Axle kit

1955-1963 Split Bus Straight Axle Drum Machining

Splitscreen Bus drums machined for fitment onto Beetle brake backing plates when converting your split bus to straight axle.

TransporterHaus modify 55-63 bus drums so you can use larger brake shoes on your bus straight axle conversion.  Better than using the thinner beetle drums and shoes and you get 205 PCD wide 5 bolt pattern too.

This is a machining service for your 55-63 bus drums.  We sometimes have drums in stock please ask for current availibility.

£40 per drum

TransporterHaus Straight Axle Machined Drums
TransporterHaus Straight Axle Machined Drums

1968-1979 VW Bus Porsche 911 GT3 Rear Disc kit

1968-1979 VW Bay window Porsche 911 GT3 Rear Disc conversion.

Run vented Porsche 911 GT3 rear discs and 130 PCD bolt pattern on your Bay window or IRS split bus.  Easy bolt on conversion hub conversion.


Kit includes:

New Disc Brake shoes.

New Shoe mounting kit.

New wheel studs.

New internal brake adjustment hardware.

Narrowed axle and 130 pcd hub.

Not included: Calipers and discs - you will need to source your own calipers

Core exchange.  We require 71-79 rear axles and hubs - £150 core charge payable until we get your cores.



1955-1967 VW Bus Straight Axle Tubes

1955-1967 VW Bus Straight Axle Tubes

Correct length swing axle tubes for use when removing reduction boxes on Splitscreen Buses.

Supplied with new genuine VW splitless axle gaiters.

£209 per pair.

TransporterHaus Split Bus Straight Axle Tubes
TransporterHaus Split Bus Straight Axle Tubes

Bus Slammer Tees


New TransporterHaus Bus Slammer Tees.  £12.99 each

Bus Slammer Stickers


New TransporterHaus stickers shipping now for the Bus Slammers.  Ask for them with your order!


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